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Diploma in Financial Management
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  • Tudta-e, hogy a Diploma in Financial Management programhoz tutori támogatás már Budapesten is elérhető?

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    Based on ACCA's highly successful Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance, the Diploma in Financial Management has an established reputation.

    It is a flexible postgraduate programme covering a range of financial areas, including how to interpret financial statements, plan, manage and measure performance using budgets and other financial techniques, make profitable financial decisions and manage numerous types of financial risk.

    Studying in English also helps to improve those communication skills that are indispensable for the understanding of the international financial processes and the settlement of financial transactions.

    The ACCA Diploma in Financial Management provides the practical knowledge of finance and accounting and ensure confident participation in financial discussions. This qualification is aimed at middle and senior managers with financial responsibility, and is built around a unique, one year programme.

    Towards your diploma you may rely on MediaComm's tuition provider services, making your study time efficient and significantly improving your chance of successfully passing the challenging exam.

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