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  • Tudta-e, hogy a Diploma in Financial Management programhoz tutori támogatás már Budapesten is elérhető?

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    We provide you with tutorial sessions, where expert tutors give you workshops as if they were university seminars, our revision courses allow you to discuss your questions, the pilot exams to test your knowledge, if need be private one-to-one coaching substantially boosts your chance of passing the challenging exam successfully.


    You will be provided with a Diploma Handbook which includes syllabus and study guides. The syllabus outlines the papers, their content and how they are examined, while the study guide expands the syllabus into study sessions. These indicate what is expected for each part of the syllabus, and thus provide guidance to the level of skills required for examinations. You will be also provided with a study text for each subject area. Official study texts are included in the all inclusive fee.

    What MediaComm as a tuition provider offers:

    Tutorial sessions

    In order to help your preparation for the exams and projects we organise workshops according to the TIMETABLE GROUP 2006 . The tutors involved in the sessions have relevant qualifications, practical experience and expertise in the given field of their competence.

    Revision courses

    We organise two, intensive, two day long revision sessions, one for each module, to help you revise and structure all the knowledge gained so far, ask all your questions and put theory into practise by solving standard exam questions.

    Pilot exams

    You can test your knowledge at the two pilot examinations - one for each module. All conditions and requirements of the pilot exams will resemble closely that of the conditions and requirements of the real exams. Your tutors will give you detailed feedback on your performance at the pilot exam together with suggestions for improvement.

    Managerial Coaching

    For extra fee, our tutors are ready to give you support not only during the workshops but, according to a special coaching programme fitting in with students' preparation process, in face-to-face meetings where the focus is on the enhancement of the personal development of students as leaders. Therefore students are welcome to use this personal counselling by their tutor for 20.000/hour per person.

    Other tutorial support

    If you encounter problems during preparation, the programme manager and your course leaders will be there to help you. You can connect them by e-mail or telephone during office hours.

    Self-help groups

    You are encouraged to form small teams or study-groups within the cohort, so that you can assist each other, gain support and discover alternative viewpoints.

    Administrative support

    We make your life hassle free by taking over all the administrative chores , including registering you as a student of ACCA, registering you for exams and projects etc.

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