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Diploma in Financial Management
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  • Tudta-e, hogy a Diploma in Financial Management programhoz tutori támogatás már Budapesten is elérhető?

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    Please make sure to read all the program related information, download the REGISTRATION FORM fill it out and send it back to our email address or fax number. The registration deadline for the year 2006 is December 30, 2005.

    E-mail: info@mediacomm.hu

    Fax: 200 5762 

    Upon accepting your registration, you will receive a registration confirmation with the induction day details. We kindly invite you to our DipFM induction day so that you can learn all the pertinent program  information as well as to sign your educational contract. Your sponsor also needs the contract to account for the tuition fee at the expense of the training contribution fund (szakképzési hozzájárulás). Besides, for those not having a language exam the entry test will be during the induction day, January 31, 2006. (1021 Budapest, Hűvösvölgyi út 54).

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