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Diploma in Financial Management
Executive Development for Companies
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» Leadership Through Influence
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» Negotiation
» Advancement For Women
» Team Effectivenss
» Team Leadership
» Coaching For Sales Management
» Presenting to Win
» Key Account Management
» Helping Customers Buy
» Assertive Communication
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    :: Executive Development for Companies


    MC Executive Development helps our clients' executives by tailor-made educational, management and leadership development programs. Every engagement is need adapted, whether your needs include coaching one executive or a hundred, we customize the coaching program for your culture, organizational and competitive environment and leadership team needs


    1.  Exploration of Needs

    1.1.Our clients might be perfectly aware of their development needs, thus our collaboration may commence with recommending and (upon acceptance) by implementing a solution for a client articulated need, be it development for individuals or company teams. The form of development varies from coaching, training or educating via facilitating till consulting.

    1.2.  Often times albeit, first our clients want us to perform a Strategy and Business Development Audit and/or before defining what people development is necessary and how is to be done, may also want us to objectively assess their managers for which we provide you with a range of Assessment tools and Surveys

    2. Proposal

    Either you explicate them or we assess, we debrief you on how our our Executive Development team sees the issues your organization or your executives face. Then you and us together define what needs to be done. In accordance with the first stage of cooperation above, our proposal is based on the client provided situation analysis (as in 1.1) or an analysis we mutually developed with our client supported by the findings of our Strategy and Business Development audit and/or our various people assessments. (as in 1.2.)

    3.  Contract

    More than being a legal document, the contract supplements contain all the details of the would be action plan

    4.  Delivery and work-in-progress check up

    Regardless of the form of developing an executive, (be the assignment coaching or training or consulting or facilitation), regular overview enables a "sooner the better" corrective action, hence the number of  "check point Charlies" in each action plan.

    5.   Project evaluation 

    Did we actually deliver what was promised? Has the desired outcome come true or is it unfolding?

    6.   Follow up


    The form depends on the nature of the challenge being faced, the situation, including, but not limited to the number of people involved and the budget.

    1.  Coaching is an interactive person-to-person technique designed to develop knowledge, skill(s) or attitude, meanwhile

    2.  trainings are for groups. Whereas education mostly concentrates on transferring knowledge, our trainings are based on the learning-by-doing principle, experimenting, practicing.

    3.  Facilitation is a set of techniques designed to assist our clients in diagnosing, solving problems themselves, whereas in taking the role of a

    4.  consultant our expertise can be called for.

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