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    MINI MBA ® (leadership)                   


    A leadership MINI MBA is one of the fast and affordable ways of learning the most essential leadership skills, such as establishing direction, which, in short, is developing a vision of the future – often the distant future – and strategies for producing the changes needed to achieve that vision.

    It is about how to align your capable people. Communicating direction in words and deeds to all those whose cooperation may be needed so as to influence the creation of teams and coalitions that understand the vision and strategies and that accept their validity.

    Some people are charismatic and most of us were not born that way. The good news is that assertive communications can be learned. The Leadership MINI MBA enables you to internalize the nuances of motivation and inspritation, that is energizing people to overcome major political, bureaucratic, and resource barriers to change by satisfying basic, but often unfulfilled, human needs.

    Time management coupled with project management is the recipe for a unique day making you not only effective but efficient as well. The coaching day is your ticket to a whole new world of peer, subordinate relationship and knowledge management.

    There is not "enough" or too much leadership when maintaining the status quo is not enough.

    Leadership is a must when the environment is turbulent and volatile, and if it is there, it produces change, often to a dramatical degree, to make a firm more competitive and make your life as the boss - tremendously easier.

    Day 1.: LEADERSHIP

    • 08.15-09.45 Introduction; Management and Leadership
    • 10.00-11.30 Self-awareness, personality types 
    • 11.45-13.15 Team building and team roles  
    • 14.00-15.30 Motivation 
    • 15.45-17.15 Planning, Organizing, Directing 


    • 08.15-09.45 Assertive-agressive-submissive behavior 
    • 10.00-11.30 Non-verbal communications, body language
    • 11.45-13.15 Expressing emotions assertively
    • 14.00-15.30 Adequate behavior in challinging situations  
    • 15.45-17.15 How to ask what you want and turn others down politely


    • 08.15-09.45 Time management by setting objectives
    • 10.00-11.30 Time saving in excel
    • 11.45-13.15 Automation of tasks
    • 14.00-15.30 Project Management
    • 15.45-17.15 Project Management and Saving Time


    • 08.15-09.45 Recruitment, Selection
    • 10.00-11.30 Performance appraisal
    • 11.45-13.15 Motivation
    • 14.00-15.30 Carreer management 
    • 15.45-17.15 Letting people go

    Day 5.: COACHING

    • 08.15-09.45 Coaching context, Negotiating Expectations
    • 10.00-11.30 The need compass
    • 11.45-13.15 The real issues, coaching style preferences
    • 14.00-15.30 Managing the dialogue
    • 15.45-17.15 Listening and feedback 


    • 08.15-09.45 Establishing a sense of urgency
    • 10.00-11.30 Creating the Guiding Coalition
    • 11.45-13.15 Developing a Vision and Strategy
    • 14.00-15.30 Communicating, Empowering
    • 15.45-17.15 Generating short term wins, More change, Anchoring the new culture

    Dates and Venues in 2020: 

    • Budapest, 2020. October 5-9. Győr 


    Fee and Discounts:
    Fee: HUF 499.000 Ft + vat. 50% discount to 2nd and further participants of the same company client. P
    referential fee for small, medium size businesses* and private individuals: HUF 299.000. *Last year's sales revenue under HUF 1 B. Only one discount can be called upon.  MediaComm MC Executive Development is an accredited instution, thus the cost of the program up to HUF 353.700 can be accounted for at the expense of the vocational education tax.

    Company MINI MBA for up to 12 managers, either on or off-site location: HUF 2,5 M + vat

    Registration: The registration form can be downloaded from http://www.mediacomm.hu/jelentkezes/ The filled out form can be faxed to + 36 1 200 5762 or sent to info@mediacomm.hu

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