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Diploma in Financial Management
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  • Tudta-e, hogy a Diploma in Financial Management programhoz tutori támogatás már Budapesten is elérhető?

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    :: The Benefits of a Diploma in FM


    The Diploma in Financial Management is genuinely useful for middle and especially for senior managers, 'it is a must' for those responsible for managing their own profit centres and therefore need a similar level of financial understanding to the qualified accountants. You will come to understand financial information and link it to broader strategic decisions. In brief, mastering the knowledge of the Dip FM is a practical understanding of finance.

    Can be completed in as little as a year

    There is no time limit to completing the Diploma in Financial Management , although it is possible to complete the course after just one year of study.

    Offers flexible study options

    You can fit your studies around your family, social and/or work commitments. Self-learning is supported by interactive workshops and revision sessions, which are face-to-face tutorial meetings where you receive personal attention and help.

    Uses practical assessment for a practical course

    The Diploma uses a combination of examinations and project based assignments. This combination ensures a detailed knowledge of all subject areas, as well as an ability to practise your financial skills using realistic case studies and examples.

    Provides a springboard for further study

    One of the major benefits of studying for the Diploma in Financial Management is that it is recognised by a number of leading universities as covering part of their MBA programmes.


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