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    :: Terms, Fees and Discounts


    Valid from 1 September 2005

    Annual fee in one installment 999.000 HUF / academic year + VAT

    Fee per term (paid in two instalments) 530.300 HUF / term + VAT

    Fee paid quarterly (in four instalments) 273.300 HUF / quarter + VAT


    A student is entitled for a 20% discount of the tuition fee if she is on maternity leave (GYES). If the student pays at least 25% of the tuition fee himself/herself then he/she is entitled for a 20% discount of the portion of the tuition fee paid by him/her.

    The sponsor is entitled for a 10% discount from the tuition fee if it supports the participation of 2-3 students studying in the same cohort of the same academic year. The sponsor is entitled for a 20% discount from the tuition fee if it supports the participation of 4 or more students studying in the same cohort of the same academic year.

    The discount from the tuition fee can be utilised for only the actually invoiced/paid portion of the tuition fee and can be claimed for one title only. The discount is available for students starting their studies in autumn 2005 or later.

    Training contribution (szakképzési hozzájárulás)

    Organisations - having the necessary supportive resolution - may account the tuition fee as training contribution up to 0,5%.

    Contract Terms and conditions of payment

    The tuition fee should be paid within less than 8 banking days after receiving the invoice. If the fees are paid per terms, then the first installment is due according to the above and the second payment is due in the sixth month following the date of application. For those paying the fee quarterly, payment is due in the third, sixth and ninth month following the date of application within 8 banking days upon receiving the invoice.

    Failure for paying an installment until the 15th calendar day after it is overdue or failure for settling the invoice letter charging interest after late payments for more than 15 calendar days may result in a suspension or dismissal from the student body and makes the whole amount of the tuiton fee due payable within 8 days.

    Suspension or expulsion is MediaComm's sole discretion, a one-time r eactivation fee charged for suspended clients is HUF 100.000.  

    If the student or student's sponsor decides to pay the tuition fee in two or four installments and the student withdraws from the course, the entire program fee becomes due. MediaComm may reimburse part of the tuition fee for services not insured or not yet performed if the student is forced to interrupt studies due to an unpredictable and unforeseen force major and the student requires reimbursement in writing provided the student or her/his sponsor always paid the former invoices on time. The amount of the non-guaranteed tuition fee reimbursement depends on and includes services not having been performed or ensured until the announcement of such withdrawal intention. The reimbursement may happen exclusively for the benefit of the sponsor. In case of shared cost bearing (more than one sponsor) refunding may take place according to the proportion of already performed payments of sponsors.

    If the pressing circumstances or obstacles leading to interrupting studies at the program can be obviated within a reasonable time students may apply for special deferrals provided that the student or her/his sponsor always paid the former invoices on time.

    The tuition fee includes:  

    • ACCA initial registration fee including study texts (L 235)
    • ACCA annual subscription fee (L 50)
    • Examination and project fees (L 60 each, total L 240)
    • Ensuring group workshop sessions, revision courses and pilot exams supporting individual studying according to the date and place defined in the timetable,
    • Assessment of pilot exams and projects
    • Costs of tools, equipment and supplementary material used at workshop sessions,
    • All costs related to the actual organization and administration of the program.

    The tuition fee does not comprise travel costs, other costs related to Internet usage, re-writing projects, incidentally occurring re-sits, extra consultation session required by students, deferral applications.

    Contribution in Kind

    The programme includes a few complementary services that - depending on the status of the sponsor - may be qualified as contributions in kind and may have occasional tax implications (e.g. consumption of coffee or soft drinks at workshops). In cases when the student pays a portion or the whole amount of the tuition fee, no contribution in kind is involved, as he/she pays for the consumption himself/herself. In case the sponsor pays the whole amount, the sum of these types of expenses calculated for one student per one academic year will be separately shown on the invoice.

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