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    :: Leading For Change


    LfC focuses on building leadership skills that can cope with an ever-changing environment.

    Almost every moment of our private and ?corporate? life is a chain of smaller and bigger changes, determining and influencing us and our environment. Therefore it is rather important how we can manage changes: we accept them passive or we plan, direct and control them or we prepare to adjust ourselves to the changes.

    There are several critical success factors which make easier for individuals and for organizations to understand, to accept and finally to support changes. Some of these factors are: to learn the ?art? of managing changes for individuals and organizations, to prepare the unexpected situations, to manage strategic changes , to communicate efficiently the changes.

    The well based and calculated planning of changes is product of the last 20-30 years. This new discipline assists to decrease stress, to increase the chances of success of individuals and to improve results and effectiveness of organizations.

    Sound like a common place, maybe it is, nevertheless true, in the life of individuals and organizations there is only one constant factor, the continuous change itself.





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