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Diploma in Financial Management
Executive Development for Companies
» Coaching in the first 100 days
» Executive Team Development
» Executives in Transition
» Managing Virtual Teams
» Behavioral Differentation
» Effective Coaching
» Effective People Skills
» Effective Facilitation
» Leadership Through Influence
» Leading For Change
» Negotiation
» Advancement For Women
» Team Effectivenss
» Team Leadership
» Coaching For Sales Management
» Presenting to Win
» Key Account Management
» Helping Customers Buy
» Assertive Communication
Open Trainings
Registration for Training
MINI MBA (Management)
Leadership MINI MBA


  • Tudta-e, hogy a Diploma in Financial Management programhoz tutori támogatás már Budapesten is elérhető?

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    - ACCA
    :: Behavioral Differentation


    Our coaching or training focusing on behavioral differentiation provides you with the tools, knowledge, and organizational plan to institutionalize behavioral differentiators at each customer touch point. Unlike price, technology, and product, behavior is uneasy to  replicate by your competitors and very often counts the most. Why to miss a truly sustainable competitive advantage?

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